Online Project Planner for Businesses

Boost staff productivity, streamline communication and increase profit in projects

Manage Projects Online

Project planner allows you to organize projects, keep track of deadlines and make sure that everything goes as planned

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Manage Project Costs

Every expense affects profit in projects. Use Project Planner to keep track of all expenses under Items cost, labor, and other project costs. 

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Boost Employee Productivity

Project Planner helps your team meet deadlines and deliver quality work.  Your Team gets instant alerts when assigned task. 

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Automate Work Reporting

Every team member reports their work online. Then, Project Planner summarizes the work reports for real-time decision making.

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How Project Planner works

$4/Month or $40/year Per user


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Trusted in 4 Continents

Business owners and employees are using Project Planner to manage projects in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.

"Since we started using Project Planner to manage a team of 60, the system has helped us to continue working even when many people are working from home. We manage to collaborate in projects, and tasks, and get our team to work more efficiently."

Leonard McGrath
Project Manager- DT Systems, Canada

"The best thing about this tool is that it helped our team to deliver projects in time which improved customer satisfaction in a quarter."

Leonardo Cortez
Field Manager- Diligent Technologies- Texas

Project Planner has the ideal project management tools for different businesses because the features are fully customizable to serve the purpose of the business and fit the workflow.

Ann Churu
Team Leader- Afrocomfort- Kenya