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Manage Projects online with Project Planner

Create project, add and assign task to your team.

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How to Manage Projects- Project Planner guide

1. Create projects and assign tasks to your team (with SMS notification)
2. Team Members make work reports and update work status.
3. Evaluate project reports and staff and project performance
4. Manage project costs, or expenses.
5. Manage Project financial reports

1. Create Projects

A. Select the Create project page: Start by clicking the projects menu and select the create project.

B. Add Project Details: Add project name, Project budget, start date and end date, and select the project manager from the team member’s list. Then, scroll down and click Save & Add Tasks Button.

2. Add Tasks to a Project

  • If you are adding a task for the first time, click on create task and add the task details. The task will be saved and you can proceed to add it to your projects.
  • Select the task that you wish to add to the project, then click the set deadline button to open a popup.
  • Set the start date and end date for the task, attach any file related to the task and add brief instructions to the person working on the task.
  • Scroll down to the end of the page and select the ‘Save and Assign People Button’ to open a page.
  • Click the Assign button

3. Assign task to team members

  1. Go to the Assign tasks page and select the project under-which you wish to assign tasks. Team members can select a task for the projects they have been allowed to view. 

2. Clicking the Select Project button opens a page, where you can select the people you wish to assign tasks.

3. Select People you wish to assign the task depending on the workload per user. You can assign task to many people 

4. Scroll down and click assign. 

5. When the work is assign, Click Finish and Check the task under task board

People assigned tasks will receive instant alerts through SMS, or Email and they can proceed to make work reports.

When someone assigns themselves a task, they can immediately make work reports under the task board. 

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