Manage work reports in Projects

How to Manage work reportsĀ  in Projects

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How to Manage work reports  in Projects

1. Adding Work Reports

  1. Under Tasks menu: select task board page.
  2. Under the tasks you wish to add work report, click the report button

3. When you click the repots button, a page opens where you can click the add new report button.

4. Add new report by Adding the work report name, Expense, Progress and attach files.

5. Select the number of hours worked and the reporting date.

6. Add comments about what was done in that task, or milestone.

7. Save Project and view the work report

2. Review Work Reports

  1. Under Project reports Menu, select Work reports page
  2. View the project reports as shown in the image below.
  3. Work report contains the following details:
  • Work report name
  • report date
  • Person who added the work report
  • Hours worked
  • Comments

4. Download the work report in pdf or excel format.

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