Enhancing Project Tracking with AI-Powered Insights

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The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in project management and tracking has been increasingly growing in popularity due to its efficiency and accuracy when utilized. The utilization of AI is increasingly being used to automate tasks and process related to project tracking and management. AI-enabled project management tools allow managers to gain deeper insights into project progress, optimize resource utilization, and uncover areas of improvement. In this report, the focus is on outlining how AI can be used to improve the management of the project, leading to better and more successful completion of project objectives.


Projects come in all shapes, sizes, and complexity, from a large-scale infrastructure project to a small-scale communication project. Regardless of the project size, managing a project requires effective communication, organization, and efficient utilization of resources. AI-powered insights allow managers to gain deeper insights into project progress and uncover areas of improvement. AI can provide real-time tracking insights, provide recommendations for resource utilization, and provide evidence-based decision-making.


The common issues faced by project managers when tracking projects are;

1. Insufficient Resources – Underutilization of resources due to lack of real-time tracking insights.

2. Poor decisions – Managers making decisions based on limited knowledge and understanding of the project.

3. Lack of Visibility – Managers not able to gain a comprehensive overview of progress or identify bottlenecks.


The utilization of AI-powered insights to improve project tracking and management is becoming increasingly popular. AI Planner is an AI-enabled project tracking platform that allows managers to track progress and gain insights. AI Planner utilizes AI-powered insights to identify and anticipate project issues, recommend resources optimization, and provide evidence-based decision making.

AI Planner offers a comprehensive suite of features to improve project tracking and management. AI Planner will provide real-time tracking insights to identify bottlenecks, identify areas of improvement, and provide evidence-based decision making. Additionally, AI Planner will provide recommendations for resource utilization and suggest strategies to optimize resource utilization.


The utilization of AI-powered insights provided by AI Planner comes with a range of benefits;

1. Improved Visibility – Ability to gain a comprehensive overview of the project, its progress, and potential problems.

2. Efficient Resource Utilization – AI Planner will provide recommendations to optimize resources utilization.

3. Evidence-based Decision Making – AI Planner will provide data-backed evidence to support decision making.


In conclusion, the utilization of AI-powered project tracker provided by AI Planner can have a positive impact on project tracking and management. AI Planner has a range of features to improve visibility, resource utilization, and evidence-based decision making. The utilization of AI-powered insights can help managers improve the tracking of projects and gain insights to guide better decision-making.


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