Leveraging AI to Enhance Project Knowledge Management

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The accelerating pace of technology and the emergence of digital platforms, along with the inherent need for organizations to increase their efficiency, have prompted organizations to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for project management. This case study analyzes the way organizations can leverage AI to improve their project management processes, specifically knowledge management (KM).


The success of a project depends on the ability of the team to utilize the right information at the right time. KM involves gathering and sharing of knowledge within teams that are needed to complete projects on time and within budget. However, in recent years, it has been observed that teams often lack adequate KM and collaboration despite the presence of state of the art collaboration tools and software. Therefore, the use of AI as a companion to other web based project tracker tools and techniques can be used to help teams improve their KM and collaboration.

Problem Definition

The overarching challenge is how to improve knowledge management and collaboration among teams through the use of AI.


To investigate the current landscape of AI technologies and how they can be leveraged to improve knowledge management and collaboration among teams.

To outline the main functions of the AI Planner, a tool used to help teams manage their projects and related knowledge.

Research Methodology

In order to carry out the research for this case study, both qualitative and quantitative methods were employed. The qualitative data was collected through desk research and interviews with project managers in various industries. This was then supplemented with quantitative data from a survey conducted with 20 project managers from different organizations.

Findings & Analysis

The findings from the qualitative research showed that there is a need for more efficient KM and collaboration processes, and that AI has the potential to improve both. The survey revealed that 77% of respondents were interested in using AI to improve their KM and collaboration processes.

In terms of the AI project management tools, the primary features that were identified by the respondents were the ability to map out and track tasks, the capacity for automated task scheduling, the ability to generate project reports, and the ability to generate and store knowledge. The survey showed that the respondents found the AI Planner to be very valuable, with 83% stating that they found it to be helpful.


The research conducted for this case study demonstrated that AI has great potential to improve project KM and collaboration. The AI Planner was found to be an effective tool to help teams manage their projects with greater efficiency and accuracy. In the future, AI powered tools are likely to become even more valuable due to their capacity to rapidly process and store large amounts of data.


Based on the findings of this case study, it is recommended that project managers consider incorporating AI based tools and technologies into their KM and collaboration processes. Furthermore, organizations should invest in the development of AI powered tools such as the AI Planner, as they can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of their project management processes.


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