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Project Planner is an online project management tool that offers you the tools and resources to plan, organize, track and manage your projects with ease. With a simplified user interface, the software works on both desktop and mobile devices. You can easily manage your projects with the task planners, creating project and task dependencies, instant alerts and view reports of activities done by team members. You can also share files with all stakeholders and much more at just $4 /month for 1 user or $40/year.

Why Choose Project Planner for small teams?

To keep your project, team and budget on track, you need a way to organize the various tasks and deliverables that fall under its purview. Project Planner is that tool. It helps you see the whole picture while still keeping the details in their proper place. With it, you can easily communicate what’s been done, what’s in progress and what still needs to be done. It will help to ensure that everyone on your team has all the information they require to complete their tasks, and will provide them with answers to common questions like “Is this task dependent on another?”

Project Planner is easy to set up and useful from day one. It will help you stay organized and on top of things, so that your team is able to deliver a project that’s not only completed within budget but at the time you said it would be finished. And with an intuitive interface, you’ll be able to use Project Planner immediately—even if you’re new to project management software.

How it works

One of the most important things you can do to keep your business running smoothly is to make sure there’s a clear plan in place for each project. When you have that, you’ll be able to monitor your progress and see where things are going right or going wrong. Project Planner is the tool that helps you stay on top of things, so let’s go over a few things about it:

First, you need to create a project before you can assign tasks to your team. The project will be given its own page on the website (as well as an email address and many other properties), and can be named anything you want. Then, when your team members finish their tasks, they’ll submit their work reports through that same page—and since everything is sent through that single location, it will be very easy for you to keep track of everything.

Once the project is created, assign tasks to your team by clicking on “Assignments.” This view lists all available assignments in chronological order with the most recent one at the top—this way, you know exactly what has been done recently and what’s still left to do. You can also see how long it’s been since each assignment was completed, which can help you determine if any delays might exist.


When you’re planning a project, it’s important to keep all of the various components in mind. As you start to flesh out the various parts, it can be difficult to maintain a high-level view of how they fit together. A web-based project planner allows stakeholders to set up projects and tasks within the system and then track the progress of each task throughout the life of the project. The interface is available online and can be accessed from anywhere there is internet access—and because it’s web-based, this means that there are no software installation costs or IT support required to maintain it. One of the most useful features of web-based project planners is its integration with email, so that users can easily send out updates about their individual tasks and projects for everyone on their team to see. This helps ensure that everyone always knows what stage things are at and what needs to happen next, so that delays or other problems don’t creep up unexpectedly. Another great feature is its flexibility—it can be used for anything from simple daily tasks like writing an article to more complex endeavors like organizing your wedding or remodeling your kitchen. It’s even possible to use web-based project planners for business management purposes—for example, if your company has several ongoing

Choosing a project planner for your team

Choosing the best online project planner can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of that has to do with understanding how to use the software. There are a few essential questions to think about when looking for project management software, so let’s go over them and see how we can help you choose project management software for your business. Do I need the full-fledged version or the free version?

When deciding if you want to purchase software for your business, you might want to look at what other businesses are using. One of the most popular pieces of project management software is Project Planner, which offers a free option with all features for a trial period. If you need more features than that, you may link your system to book keeping and employee management, o HR software.  You might also want to consider more options if you are working with other organizations.

How will this piece of software integrate with my existing systems? If there’s an existing system that you’d like to use instead of (or in addition to) project management software, it might be worth your time to check out whether or not they offer an APIs.

Final word

Project planner simplifies the tracking of time, tasks and costs on an ongoing basis to help you get a clearer picture of your projects, thereby making your business more efficient. Using this easy-to-use tool on a regular basis will allow you to control all operations more effectively, reduce costs (and increasing profit), and provide every project with the best possible chance of completion.

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