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Project Planner for teams helps you to manage, track and report on your projects and tasks. Getting work done is made easy with a single, centralized location where all project information is shared, visible to everyone and securely stored.

Project Planner is the perfect tool for a professional company with remote teams. When you have more complex projects, Project Planner helps you to track the workflow and complete the tasks on time and within budget. In addition, it assists in making sure that the deliverables are of good quality.

How to start using project planner for remote teams

Whether you have a small business or are a member of a large team, being able to stay on top of the tasks that need to be done is crucial to your success. At the center of this organization lies Project Planner. Project Planner allows you to create projects, assign tasks to your team, and get work reports—all in one place.

1. Create project

Project Planner for teams makes it easy for anyone to create a new project. Simply type in the name of the project with its corresponding due date and click “Create.” You will then see all of the details associated with the project including:

  • The name of the project
  • The start date, end date, and deadline
  • Your role in the project
  • Additional contacts who will also be working on this project

2. Assign task to your team

Once you’ve created a project, it’s time to assign tasks to your team members. Click on the “Assign Tasks” tab at the top right corner of your screen and you will see all of your projects listed in a list. Highlight a specific project and then click on “Assign Tasks.” This will bring up all of the tasks associated with that specific project as well as each team member’s name.

3. Get Work Reports

To know how the project is going, you can go to the Task Overview page and click on “View Work Report” in the Work column of your task list.

Outcomes of using project planner for teams

Team communication is a critical component of any project, and thanks to modern technology, we can now work together from all over the world. But this benefit can be a burden to those who don’t have a specific way of communicating. Therefore, it’s best to have a project planner for remote teams.

The main advantage of using project planner for remote teams is that everyone knows what they need to do, because they can see it in the project management software. This way, you don’t end up having someone ask you what they should be working on when you’re knee-deep in your own tasks.

If you find yourself working on a team without such software, then you’re most likely experiencing some frustration during your workday with miscommunications and people asking questions that could have been easily answered by having access to the project management tools.

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