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Project Planner is an online project management tool for your business. It helps business managers to plan and schedule projects online – both for managing projects for clients as well as for internal projects. In a professional tone: Project Planner is a great tool for teams to use when providing end-to-end project management. Teams use a web-based project management tool to help them organize, track and communicate about their projects. Common features include client and team profiles, task management and reporting. The software is easy to install and even easier to use with intuitive wizards that give you all the tools you need to start documenting your projects.

Quick steps to use project planner for free

Project Planner is a simple, fast way to manage multiple projects at once. Before you begin, you’ll need to navigate to the page for your business and click on Project Planner under the Team tab. Once you’re there, you can click on Create New Project in the upper-right corner of the page.

Project Name: Here, you’ll provide a name for your project—this is what will show up in a list of all of your projects. If you have multiple projects with similar names, they’ll be sorted alphabetically or by date created.

Project Description: This field is optional: enter a brief description of the purpose of your project here if you’d like. It also lets your team members know what they’re working towards at a high level, if they’re new to the company or if they might not be familiar with the project’s details yet.

Project Status: When it’s first created, your project will be set to Draft. Once it has been approved and is ready for execution, make sure to change its status so that team members won’t unknowingly start working on something that isn’t finalized yet—this might lead to confusion down the road and could cause some tasks to be duplicated unnecessarily.

Project Tracker Setup tips

Project tracker can help you plan and manage projects. It can be used to create a schedule for your project and assign tasks to different team members. Project management software is mostly used by businesses, but it can also be used by individuals. Project management is used in almost every industry, from manufacturing to engineering and architecture. Project planning software can help you manage your work on any project, whether it’s a small personal task or a large company-wide undertaking.

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1. Project plans

The first step in using project tracker is creating a project plan. You’ll need to define all the steps involved in completing your project and how much time each one will take. This helps you estimate how long it will take to finish the entire job, as well as how long each step will take.

You’ll also need to define when each step needs to be completed by — this date should be realistic but challenging so that you have room for improvement without losing sight of your goal.

2. Task allocation tasks to team members

Once you’ve created your project plan, you can assign tasks to team members who have been assigned responsibility for them. This gives them clear instructions about what they need to do and when they need

Final thoughts

From a business perspective, using modern web-based project tracker allows you to access those programs from anywhere. This is especially useful if your project team is spread out across the country or even the globe. It also enables real-time collaboration and communication, so that you and your team members are working together in perfect sync at all times. And it’s affordable, so you can easily outfit your entire team with the tools they need for optimal project management.

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