Reducing Overhead Using AI-Enabled Task Delegation

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The success of modern businesses is largely dependent on efficient task delegation. Businesses are now increasingly turning to leveraging AI-enabled solutions in order to streamline their operations. This case study presents a comprehensive analysis of the benefits of using AI-enabled task delegation. In particular, the case study focuses on the work of a certain organization that aims to reduce overhead costs while using AI to optimize its task delegation. The study discusses the process of developing AI solutions to improve task delegation and the results and benefits that comes with them.

Background of the Company

The case study focuses on a certain Website Development Company in Kenya. This Company is a multinational organization that provides services in the field of software development and web design. The team was initially facing a challenge in terms of its task delegation. With its existing system relying on manual task delegation and allocation, ABC Company foresees that the manual system will eventually become a bottleneck in its efforts in optimizing efficiency. As such, the company has decided to explore and leverage the potential of leveraging AI-enabled solutions to streamline and automate its task delegation process.

Problem Statement

As mentioned, the Company seeks to reduce overhead costs and optimize its task delegation system. In particular, this Company seeks to improve the ability to accurately identify task requirements in order to better allocate resources, and streamline the assigning of tasks and tracking the progress of allocated tasks. To achieve these goals, the Company seeks solutions that can allow AI-powered automation of its task delegation system.

AI Process Overview

The AI process adopted by the web developers comprises of four primary stages, namely data collection and analysis, AI framework development, model training and implementation, and results tracking and evaluation.

Data Collection and Analysis

The first stage involves data collection. This IT Company has to initially collect relevant data to use in the AI framework. The data is collected from existing tasks from the existing manual task delegation system. The data sets are analysed to identify areas for improvement.

AI Framework Development

The second stage involves the development of the AI framework. The development of the AI framework entails the use of the collected data to create models for the AI framework. The models are then used to develop a platform that can make intelligent decisions on task delegation and automation.

Model Training and Implementation

The third stage involves training the AI model and its implementation. The AI model is trained using the existing data. The training process is used to fine-tune the model and ensure that it can accurately identify tasks and their requirements. The model is then implemented within ABC Company’s system.

Results and Benefits

The results and benefits of using the AI-enabled project planning software is significant. Firstly, the manual task delegation system is now automated, resulting in improved accuracy and faster turnaround times. Additionally, the automation also allows ABC Company to identify areas where tasks should be delegated and allocate resources to those tasks more efficiently. Compared to the manual system, ABC Company achieved improvements in overall efficiency at a lower cost.


Despite the significant benefits of using AI-enabled task delegation, there are still some challenges that ABC Company has to face. Firstly, the cost of implementing the AI system was initially high. Furthermore, it took some time before the AI system can be fully integrated, as there were a lot of data that needed to be collected and analysed. Ultimately, there is also the risk of the AI system becoming outdated over time, requiring constant training and refinement in order to remain effective.


In light of the challenges, ABC Company can take certain measures in order to ensure that the AI-enabled task delegation system remains effective over time. Firstly, ABC Company can invest more resources in data collection, analysis, training and refinement of the AI system. Additionally, ABC Company can look into ways to reduce the cost of implementation of the AI system.


The implementation of AI-enabled task delegation is a challenging but rewarding process. With the right combination of resources, data and implementation strategy, ABC Company can significantly reduce overhead costs while enjoying the benefits of the improved task delegation system.


This case study presents a comprehensive analysis of AI-enabled task delegation and the benefits it can offer. ABC Company has successfully implemented the AI system, resulting in reduced overhead costs and improved task management. The case study also highlights the challenges inherent to the implementation process, as well as providing recommendations on how to ensure that the system remains effective over time.

Future Work

As AI-enabled solutions are still relatively new technology, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in order to better refine and improve them. Future works should involve exploring more efficient ways to implement and refine AI-enabled task delegation. Additionally, further research should be conducted to identify weaknesses and challenges inherent to the system, and develop effective solutions to address them.

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