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Project Planner is a software that helps you to organize your projects. It allows you to create tasks, allocate them to different employees and track their progress easily. This article describes some of the features that make Project Planner unique and how it can help you manage your projects with ease.

Project tracking and reporting

One of the most unique capabilities of Project Planner is its ability to track actual progress against planned progress. This allows users to see how close they are to completing tasks, when those tasks were completed, and how much time was spent on each task. Users are also able to compare actuals with planned values for any date range in order to identify areas where variance occurs between what was planned and what actually occurred.

Instant alerts

Notifications are a key part of project planning. You can set up notifications to alert you when tasks are due, when employees are late on tasks and more. Notifications can be sent via email or SMS to different people depending on their role in the project.

Employee performance for each project and overall performance. Project Manager can track the employee’s performance by project. You can see how many days are left in a particular project, or you can check out what your employees have done in a day, week or month. When looking at different types of projects, it’s easy to see which employees have been working on them (and how long they took).

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards are based on the principles of lean manufacturing and help teams visualize which work items are being worked on, what work items need to be completed next and how much work has been completed so far. The kanban board allows managers to see at a glance how much work is being done or not done by each team member. Here’s how it works

Kanban boards helps you to see the progress of your work in real time, which can help motivate you to finish it. And because they’re visual, they’re easy to understand at a glance. Project Planner is the only project management tool that lets you use kanban boards right inside your Gantt chart. This makes it easy to visualize your project’s status at any time — just look at the board! The board will automatically update as your tasks move through their different stages of completion.

Resource management

Add team members, assign them to tasks and define their availability. Moreover, plan your project in advance by adding milestones; set up due dates for each milestone using Gantt charts; keep track of how much time is remaining till each milestone is due; get an alert when your milestone is approaching so that you don’t miss it!

Project costing and budgeting

Multiple Project Planner software provides full project costing and budgeting support. You can assign costs to each activity, resource or task. When you record the actual effort on each task or activity, Unique will calculate the burn rate of your project and automatically update the remaining duration and total cost of your project. If you need to know how much money your project is going to cost at any point in time, just enter the amount of money that has been spent so far and you’ll get instant feedback on how much more money is needed until completion (or how much has been spent so far).

In addition to this, Project planner  also offers a number of reports which can help you keep track of your project’s progress: Project Costs Report, Project Budgets Report, Cost Reports for Each Activity or Resource, Actual vs Budgeted Cost Report etc.

Employee performance report

This is the most important feature of the software. It helps you to evaluate your employees performance. You can see their daily, weekly and monthly work hours. You can also see how much time they spent for each task and what kind of activity they were doing. You will also get an idea about their productivity by comparing the number of hours spent on different tasks with the number of hours spent by other employees on similar tasks. This will help you to find out which employee is more productive or less productive so that you can make some changes in their working style if needed.

Task completion report

This feature shows you how many tasks have been completed within a certain period of time with respect to all tasks in your project plan. It shows how many tasks have been completed by each employee and how much time it took them to complete those tasks. This way you will be able to check whether they are completing their tasks on time or not? If not then why? And how do we fix it? Also, if one task is taking too long than the others, then there must be something wrong with that particular task or maybe there are too many dependencies between other tasks and this task which


Integrations are the cornerstone of Project Planner. They allow you to connect your project management tool with other applications.

If your team is already using one of these tools for project management, you can use our integrations to share tasks and collaborate across multiple platforms. This allows teams of all sizes to use the best-suited tools for their needs — from large enterprises with hundreds of projects at a time to smaller teams who need just a few projects at a time. Multiple projects planner for managers and employees to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Manage employee performance for each project.
  • Manage performance for the entire organization.

Project planning can be a cinch with the right tool. Project Planner is the right tool.Project Planner gives you access to your projects from any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Its simple interface makes it easy for anyone to use and its powerful features make it perfect for teams of all sizes and businesses in different industries.


Project planner is much a better project management software than MS project. Project planner helps you manage your projects, tasks, and deadlines. It helps you to organize your projects. You can create multiple projects and track their progress with the help of time-tracking tools. It also allows you to monitor changes in the schedule and reschedule tasks if necessary. MS Project is an enterprise-level project management tool from Microsoft. It’s a good option if you need to work with many people on your projects.

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