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Project Planner is the best online tool for project management, helping you to plan and manage your projects. From project planning to scheduling, documenting, resource allocation and cost estimation, we’ve got you covered. Our simple and intuitive interface allows for quick results that work great on any device. Start using Project planner to cut project costs and improve efficiency

Role of Project Planner for business growth

Project Planner is a web-based tool that helps your team to complete projects on time and within budget. It includes all the tools they need, from a project schedule and checklist to accounting tools, resource management, and collaboration features. Using the Project Planner platform, your team can view any project in detail and stay on top of changes as they are made.

Project Planner comes with a set of modules for specific tasks, including Workflow for creating projects and assigning resources and tasks, Resource Management for tracking time and expenses, Tracking for keeping track of progress against budget and schedule, Documents for sharing files throughout projects, and more. It also has integrations with several popular employee and task management systems.

Project Planner is hosted in the cloud or on your own servers, so you can choose how you want to use it. It’s an ideal solution for small businesses who want to streamline their projects or larger companies who want to stay organized by department. For example, you could create a workflow to manage marketing projects within one department without affecting other departments’ workflows.

Project Planner is designed for teams of all sizes. For smaller teams working on one project at a time or larger groups taking many projects. Start by creating a project and assigning tasks to your team. Your team members may also assign themselves tasks and make work reports. The managers get the work reports in real time which helps them make instant decisions. Consequently, your team will deliver to customers on time and improve customer satisfaction.

How to use Project planner in your business

Project Planner software helps you keep track of your team’s progress and communicate with everyone. It’s easy to use, and is accessible using your web browser. The steps to managing your project online are simple.

1. Create a project and assign someone to it

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of multiple projects, you can create as many as you like in Project Planner. After creating a project, you can assign it to anyone who has the app installed on their phone, or email a link to the project to anyone who doesn’t have the app.

2. Get Work Reports

You can see how much time has been spent on each task in the project by going into that task’s details screen. Tasks are listed in chronological order, so you can look back at work that has been done before or look forward at what needs to be done next. You’ll also see how many hours have been spent on each task, which is useful if you’re working with clients who want to know exactly how much work has been put into their projects, down to the hour.

3. Track your progress

Once you start receiving work reports from your team members, all of that information will be stored in your project’s Work Reports tab. This gives you one central location for tracking progress and getting work reports. You can measure staff performance based on the tasks completed and visualize the performance rating as a percentage.

Key Benefits

The web-based project planner is a software that helps monitor, manage and control all the project within an organization. It can be used to manage the entire project life cycle. The software is designed to be used by users at different levels within a company. It has tools which can help companies in every stage of planning and executing projects more efficiently.

The first use of the web-based project planner is to help in planning project work. Such planner can help in making estimate for materials needed for a project, estimate for labor cost, budgeting and scheduling of tasks, tracking progress, estimating risks and identifying problems. This information can then be used to make decisions about whether to continue or cancel a project or to make changes in the plan. In addition the planner can also help in managing change orders during execution of projects.

This tool also helps in controlling projects by providing reports that can be used to review how funds are spent on projects and comparing actual results with planned results. The reports include estimates and actual costs, schedule report, activity report and risk report among others.

Data from reports can further be used to make decisions on corrective actions that might be needed during execution of a project. Thus, the software helps in planning, monitoring and managing of projects efficiently

Choose the best Project planner for your business

There are many things to think about when choosing project management software for a business.  A good place to start is by setting your budget and defining how your team will use the software. You can then consider the features you need, and whether the software will be cloud-based or installed on your own servers. Once you have weighed up the options, it is time to sign up for a trial with potential suppliers and see which suits best. Finally, project planner for teams is a great tool for organizational success. It’s important to keep up with the changing business environment and stay current with trends, so it’s crucial to get it right when it comes to project planning.


Project Planner for businesses offers a set of project management tools that allow you to create and manage projects, tasks and subtasks from one location. You can see who is working on what and when. You’ll be able to cut down on the cost of operations by streamlining the project management process. You’ll also be able to improve your team’s productivity and inter-office communication. If you have a business based around multiple offices, you can store all of the relevant data at one central location in real time.

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